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The Childless Mother


Word   –     Jesus says:  Behold thy mother!    John 19:27

Application – Spend time at the foot of the cross, spelunking the chasm  of Mary’s grief at the death of her son.  Do you know the grief of a childless mother?

The  Childless Mother


I am the childless mother.

My son was killed before I even held him in my eager arms.

I never had the  chance to give him a loving mother’s embrace.

I never suckled his infant mouth.

 never hushed his insistent cries with my soothing kisses.

 never lullabied him to dream his special dreams

 never shed a tear of joy at his first cry

 never changed his diaper. 

Instead I saw him dead.

Perfectly formed, but dead.

 Two ears, unhearing

 Two eyes, unseeing

 Two arms, unreaching

 Two hands, unclasping

 Two legs, unmoving

 Two feet, unstepping.

Dead warm body.

 One heart, no longer beating

 One mouth, no longer eating

 One brain, no longer sensing.

One cold soul.

 Bereft of infanthood, its comfort concerns

 Bereft of childhood, its inquisitiveness

 Bereft of youth, its puerile arrogance

 Bereft of old adulthood, its growing sensibilities to things human and divine

 Bereft of old age, its legacy of hard-learned wisdom.

 Bereft of mortal life.

Full-term, smothered, stillborn, never to be well-grown.

– – Klara Shannon Hadley